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1.Respect your guild members and their ranks.
2.No cursing on guild chat ! (some players might find it offensive).
3.Help your companions in need!
4.Never kill low levels , unless they attack first.
5.No ninja in raids or guild vault. If you see a ninja in guild send a private message to the guild master with screenshots as proof or with another testimony.
6.Don't ask promotions or prizes on guild chat.
7.Don't begg money on guild chat! In case of need ask an officer or the guild master.
(guild vault is made to help the guild members)
8.You have the oblgation to listen to the party/group leader in instances/raids. If you have a problem talk to the leader using whisper chat.
9.The officers have the obligation to justify their actions only to the guild master and not on guild chat or to the other guild members.
10.On the guild chat use only english, if u want to use your own language chat in whisper or make a party.

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